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How to use the global color

DiviPro Child theme used Divi’s latest feature global color. After installing the child theme you will not see the Demo color scheme.
There you will get a global color reference code like that

” gcid-b4462005-7fbd-4725-b83d-0869554255c8″ #

So you need to create your global color. We added a video for how global color works.
After creating your global color you can replace the existing reference color with your color.

Update existing website colors to be global #

If you have already created your website with static colors it is reasonably easy to update them to all use global colors. This may be useful if you are thinking of a design change or just to future-proof your color scheme.

Just how easy this is will depend on the size of your site, as you will need to open each page individually and use the Search & Replace feature as there is no way to do this sitewide.

If you have a number of instances of the same static color on your page, you can change the static colors to global colors by;

Right-click on one of the existing static colors and click on the “Convert To Global” text to automatically add the color to your global color palette. It will also apply the global color to the active color setting. The color is now global.

Right-click on another of the existing static colors and click on the “Find & Replace” text. You can then select to find the selected color within “this page” (this website is unfortunately not an option!) and replace it with the global color you just created. Don’t forget to click on the checkbox to “Replace all found values within every option type, not limited to Icon Color”.

Note* You could just use the search and replace feature to change all colors on a page without bothering with the global color system, but it would only apply to the page you are currently on, whereas changing a global color will apply it to every page on your site even if you are not actively editing them.

Convert Static Colors To Global Colors! #

Starting off a new website using global colors is a great time-saver, but it’s also easy to update your existing website to use global colors. You can right-click on any existing static color and choose the “Convert To Global” option. This will automatically add the color to your global color palette and apply the global color to the active color setting.

Next, you can use Divi’s Find & Replace system to replace your static colors with global colors in one fell swoop. Once your page has been converted to global colors, you can change the entire page’s color scheme using the global color palette.

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