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How to download Divipro and install it on your website?

DiviPro Child theme has some new features, some new layouts, and a few pre-made website designs.
To see the full list of features and demo layout visit “DiviPro”.

Before installing “DiviPro” Divi child theme on the WordPress website, please ensure that “Divi” theme has been uploaded to the website’s theme folder. Then download the latest version of “DiviPro” Divi child theme.

Okay, so when you have the “DiviPro” child theme downloaded then with just a few simple and easy steps you can install the “DiviPro” child theme as in the demo.

If you buy it from the Divicake then, please

Extract Zip File: First, of all let’s extract the downloaded zip file.

Uploading Child Theme: Within the child theme folder, there is a main child theme file called “”. To upload the child theme you just need to go to “Appearance > Themes” and then click “Add New” > “Upload Theme”

One Click Demo Import: When you activate the child theme. The child Theme shows some plugin activation notifications. you need to install and activate these plugins.

After Installing this plugin Go to “Appearance” >  “DiviPro Demo Import.”

DiviPro Demo Import
Import demo data button for Divipro

It will take 3 or 4 minutes depends on your server speed. #

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