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How to Upload Divi Image hover Module

Generally, all WordPress Plugin installation process is the same. To Install Divi image hover Module please go to the WordPress Admin panel Plugin Menu and Click the Add New Submenu to Upload a new Plugin.

Now Upload downloaded Divi image hover plugin from Divizoom on here.

If you purchase this plugin from DiviCake Platform Then please extract the downloadable file first. You will see another zip file name as  Upload this zip file.

Plugin installation

After installation of the plugin Please activate it. Divi image hover module is as like the Divi module. Now go to WordPress page or post which is supported Divi Builder.  Open the Visual Builder and Search the Divi image hover.

Click to use it.

There are Four Category types of Hover Effect and a total 250+ hover effect. Now you upload images and content and play with it.

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